Laura Marqués-Pascual

Language Program Director

Office Location

Phelps 4323


Applied Linguistics; Second Language Acquisition; Language Teaching Methodology; Spanish in the United States


B.A. in Hispanic Philology (Universidad de Alcalá, Madrid)

M.A. in Teaching English as a Second Language (Bowling Green State University, Ohio)

Ph.D. in Hispanic Linguistics - Emphasis: Second Language Acquisition (Univ of California, Davis)


Dr. Marqués-Pascual is the coordinator of all lower division courses in the department, including the Elementary and Intermediate Spanish and Portuguese sequences, Advanced Grammar and Composition, and the Heritage Speakers Program. Her research interests focus on curriculum development and instructional improvement, second language learning in study abroad settings, second language acquisition of syntax, and Spanish as heritage language. Apart from directing the language program, she also teaches upper division courses and graduate seminars. During 2015-2017 she has been the UC Education Abroad Program in Spain, with residence at the Universtitat de Barcelona. She is curently the Director of the interdisciplinary Applied Linguistics Emphasis at UC Santa Barbara.


Recent publiation:

Marqués-Pascual, L. & Cortijo Ocaña, A. (2019). Second and Third Language Acquisition in Catalan-speaking Regions. Juan de la Cuesta: Hispanic Monographs.


Academic Coordinator of Language Courses:

SPAN 1, 2, 3 – Elementary Spanish

SPAN 4, 5, 6 – Intermediate Spanish

SPAN 25 – Advanced Grammar and Composition

SPAN 16A, 16B – Spanish for Native Speakers

PORT 1, 2, 3 – Elementary Portuguese

PORT 4, 5, 6 – Intermediate Portuguese

PORT 16A, 16B – Portuguese for Speakers of Romance Languages

SPAN 151A, 151B, 151C - Catalan Language and Civilization

Upper Division Courses taught:

SPAN 8A/B – Spanish conversation

SPAN 100 – Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics

SPAN 109 – Spanish in the United States

SPAN 114B – Spanish Syntax and Morphology

SPAN 186 – Spanish Applied Linguistics

SPAN 147 – Business Spanish

Graduate seminars taught:

SPAN 590 – Foreign Language Teaching Methodology

SPAN 594 – Theories in Second Language Acquisition