Marqués Pascual, L. & Cortijo Ocaña, A. (2019) Second and Third Language Acquisition in Catalan-speaking Regions. Juan de la Cuesta.

As described and presented here, Catalan-speaking regions exhibit a multilingual reality that includes not only English as an international language, but also a variety of minority languages brought by recent immigrants that interact with both Catalan and Spanish as official languages. The interaction among these languages within a bilingual context is what motivates the publication of this volume.

The Center for Catalan Studies (CCS) at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) is an appropriate venue for the analysis of second and third language acquisition in Catalan-speaking regions, particularly through its newly founded publication series at Juan de la Cuesta. Antonio Cortijo Ocaña (Director of the CCS) and Laura Marqués Pascual (Language Program Director at UCSB and former Director of the University of California Education Abroad Programs in Spain, based in Barcelona) have gathered a group of renowned scholars that analyze (written in English and Catalan) some of the most pressing issues involving language learning in a globalized context.