Spanish & Portuguese Directory

  • Professor

Latin American Literature; Translation Studies

  • Graduate Student

Brazilian and Portuguese Literatures; 20th and 21st centuries; Philosophy; Literary theory; Visual poetry; Illustration and poetry.

  • Professor

Latin American Literature; Central American Literature; Testimonial Literature; Translation; Chicano Literature; Pre-Chicano Literature; Literary Theory; Cultural Studies; Autobiography; Bibliography

  • Lecturer Emerita
  • Associate Professor

Contemporary Spanish-American Literature; Caribbean literature; José Lezama Lima and the Orígenes group; critical theory; philosophy and literature; science and literature; poetry and poetics; comparative literature; Venezuelan literature, culture and history.

  • Language Program Director

Applied Linguistics; Second Language Acquisition; Language Teaching Methodology; Spanish in the United States

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  • Lecturer - Catalan and Spanish

Cognitive Linguistics, Diachronic Linguistics, Corpora Linguistics, Semantic Change, Catalan Language and Culture, Spanish Language and Culture, Pedagogy

  • 4214 Phelps Hall
  • Professor

Latin American Literature; Latin American Cultural Studies; U.S. Latino Literature; Literary Theory; Visual and Verbal Semiotics; Mass Culture; Women’s Writing

  • Lecturer

Portuguese and French Literatures

  • 4313 Phelps Hall
  • Associate Professor
  • Graduate Advisor

Phonetics/Phonology; Language Change; Translation; Basque Studies

  • Graduate Student

Iberian Linguistics

  • Financial and Personnel Coordinator
  • Professor

Brazilian Literature; Comparative Literature, Portuguese Literature, Literary Criticism, Theory and Practice of Translation

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  • Graduate Student

Hispanic Literature

  • 4316 Phelps Hall
  • Graduate Student

Contemporary Latin American literature 


  • Professor Emeritus

Hispanic linguistics: history of the language, dialectology, Mexican Spanish, California Spanish.

  • Professor

Mexican Literature; Spanish American Literature

  • Professor

Comparative Romance Grammar; Generative Syntax; Semantics; Spanish and Portuguese Linguistics

  • Phelps 4333
  • Lecturer - Spanish language
  • 6312 Phelps Hall