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Hispanic Literatures


Let me present myself to all of you! My name is Carol Morejon and I am a new 2020-2021 PhD candidate and TA in the Spanish and Portuguese Department at the University of California, Santa Barbara. I am Cuban-Venezuelan, and my research interests is focused on modern Venezuelan literature with an emphasis in diaspora, exile and transculturation applying cultural theories and psychoanalysis. I am very passionate about my heritage and my native language, so teaching is part of my life and my career.  I earned a Spanish Literature M.A. with distinction from the California State University, Northridge where I also worked as a TA for Spanish 101. while holding the Lead Engaged Scholar Intern position in the CSUN Community Engagement Department. Through my educational career I served as a board member of the CSU Student Success Network where I represented the CSUN students in order to expand our hands-on learning program. I am a former member of the CSUN Matador Momentum Committee which seeks to build campus capacity to enable, support, and accelerate first-year student success. During my studies at CSUN, I have developed the ability to work in the Spanish/English interpreting field, where I have assisted the Hispanic community through various interpreting programs; like the Spanish Interpreting Program where I helped move divorce cases through mediation during Settle-O-Rama, a pro-bono event at the LA Superior Court in Van Nuys, California. The excellence of this work gave me a nomination to present at the systemwide CSU Service-Learning and Research Symposium in April 2019, where my team won 1st place in the graduate research competition.  As a first generation college student and mother of two teenagers, more than ever, I understand the importance of higher education and their students; therefore, I am excited to continue to devote myself to my studies and to support all my future UCSB students and peers.