NEW BOOK: Current Perspectives in Spanish Lexical Development

Congratulations to Laura Marqués-Pascual on her most recent publication (co-edited with Irene Checa-García): Current Perspectives in Spanish Lexical Development, edited by DeGruyter as part of the series Studies on Language Acquisition [SOLA].

About this book

New quantitative methodology and the development of corpus and experimental linguistics tools have recently made researching lexical comprehension and production more accessible. While several tools and data sets are available in English (Coh-metrix, CELEX) and a few other languages, the development of resources and empirical research is still lacking in Spanish.

This volume brings together original empirical research and theoretical perspectives that examine lexical development in Spanish L1, L2 and L3, with a focus on different teaching approaches and textbook coverage of Spanish lexicon in L2 curricula and the use of corpus linguistics in methodological investigations. Some questions addressed include the role of lexical development in mapping grammatical acquisition phases, the potential transfers of L1 to L2 lexical abilities, the effect of explicit vocabulary learning techniques in L2, how affective meaning modulates L2 acquisition, or how a typological understanding of lexical organization can help in teaching more effectively the lexicon of a language, among many others.

The book offers an overview of what is currently being done in the field of Spanish lexical acquisition through a myriad of approaches and topics.

Author / Editor information

Irene Checa-García, University of Wyoming, Laramie, USA; Laura Marqués-Pascual, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA.