Professor Sara Poot-Herrera receives Graduate Mentorship Award

A message from our Chair, Professor Jorge Checa, on this remarkable achievement:

"As I was happy to report to our faculty some time ago, I am delighted to inform all of you that the UCSB Academic Senate has distinguished Professor Sara Poot-Herrera with the Graduate Mentorship Award. The official announcement will be made in the next Faculty Legislature meeting, to be held on on Thursday, May 8.

This important Award makes full justice to Sara's outstanding mentoring efforts over many years on behalf of an amazing number of Phd and Ma students, who obtained their degrees under her inspiring direction and benefited in many ways from her guidance. If they have good reasons to feel proud of Sara and be thankful to her, the same can be said of Sara's departmental colleagues. Her indefatigable work has been decisive in in the development of many scholarly vocations and careers, and therefore in furthering our Department's prestigie within and beyond the University."